Friday, April 1, 2011

Moisturizing and Sealing: nightly routine

I said I would do a post about the products I used last night, but I spontaneously decided to go to my dad's house in New York for the weekend and I didn't take my wash day products with me.

So all I can do today is a 'moisturize and seal' post.

So these are the products I use to moisturize:

then coconut oil to seal

I do it in sections like this

Then I put my hair up in little buns like this

In the morning it doesn't come out straight, but I don't mind because my hair goes in buns almost every day because I'm trying to protect my ends as much as possible.

If my hair touches my cotton shirt when I wear it out, I become super paranoid and think that my hair breaking off with every turn of my head......yea I'm kinda crazy lol

I really need to accomplish this goal though.

Thanks for reading :)

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