Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How is this fixed??

Hey can anybody help me?

All my comments disappeared from my blog but they are in the comments section of the settings section.

Does anybody know how to fix that?


jenijen said...

You're using the Disqus comment platform, you may need to go into your disqus account and re-sync the comments from blogger. Maybe that will work? Go to TOOLS > Import > Blogger > Import comments from blogger.

Hope that helps.

Yolanda Grunewald said...

Oh god sorry to hear. maybe try email google orr disqus? maybe the error is the disqus comment thing it self. have you tried to remove it? x

Aly said...

hey, Yea I tried removing it but then they said I would lose my previous comments. I even had one other comment on this post and its gone too. 

But then again since my comments are still in blogger maybe they'll stay if i remove disqus idk.

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