Sunday, February 27, 2011

Horrible results

Hey, so yesterday I had a wash day, everything turned out well until I decided to do a twist out....mistake!

I pre-shampoo'd with coconut oil and let it sit for an hour  because I wanted to avoid using heat on my hair.

I then washed with Head n' Shoulders shampoo (I bought that before I started my hair journey and I have no money to buy the good products yet), this shampoo usually leaves my hair soft so i figured it would n't be bad. I followed up with Head n' Shoulders conditioner.

after that I deep conditioned for an hour with Olive Oil Replenishing Pak deep penetrating conditioner and covered the hair with a shower cap.

everything was great till I decided to do a twist out. My hair still feels really soft since I put the moisturizer and coconut oil in when it was wet.  However the twist out looks really crazy. lol

I wore the twist out to a party, my friends liked it but I still think it looks horrible :/

Now I think I made a mistake because I don't know how to to sleep with a twist out and I think its knotted with all the twists and waves. Plus I know when i comb it out its gonna be a big puff after......

I need help!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

hair wrapping: yaay or nay

So since I started my hair journey I have been reading blogs and watching Youtube videos of a lot of people who have really long hair after starting their journey years ago.

Most of these people do not wrap their hair how I always thought hair should be wrapped.

I originally thought the way to do it was to comb the hair around the perimeter of my head... wrong!!

well not "wrong", lol, but its not the best way, because doing that tugs at your edges. The fact that my edges are usually tender when I take the wrap out, I'm led to believe what the ladies are saying.

so here is a video from miss kibibi on Youtube about cross new way of doing my hair to go to bed :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

my healthy hair journey week 1

So since the beginning of the week I began moisturizing my hair and sealing in the moisture with  oil.

*moisturizer-organic Root Stimulator oil moisturizing hair lotion
*sealer- NOW Solutions natural coconut oil

I have also started taking Biotin supplements nightly.

lets see how this journey goes....wish me luck