Friday, April 29, 2011

Valerie's Potion mixture- my version-->not going so well

I recently did a post about Valerie's potion for hair growth, so this will just be somewhat of a follow up.

I haven't used it yet, my woes right now are about the process of making it.

I need help.

So I did everything she asked for with the exception of the black tea. I wasn't exactly sure if the tea I bought qualified as black tea but I used it anyway. My mother heard about my five hour plan with her oven and decided she was not having it :( sooooo I went to my trusted friend, Google, to seek an alternate method. What I found was that Valerie's method is not exactly something new that she figured out. Many have been infusing cayenne pepper with oils for years and obtaining growth. The difference though is that Valerie infuses hers in one day with heat, and others infuse it for ten days, with no heat in a dark container.

I decided to try the oven thing anyway, but about an hour into it I thought that the mixture was burning because I used less ingredients than what Valerie used. I scaled my stuff down to 4oz because that was all the castor oil I had (bummer :/)

So since I thought it was burning I took it out and decided to continue with the no heat infusion.

That in itself could be a huge mistake, but we'll see. I'm still gonna use my oil because I don't intend to waste all my castor oil. the pepper should still help with stimulation I suppose.

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