Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clarify, Condition and add some Roux Porosity Control

Hey so I decided to buy myself some clarifying shampoo and I recently put garlic in my conditioner. I have been reading up that garlic helps strengthen hair and stops shedding....we will see. Also I have never used clarifying shampoo in my life.

Another good Roux Porosity Control Conditioner came today!!!!

So here is what I plan to do tonight.

1. Pre-poo with coconut oil for an hour with no heat and a plastic cap.
2. Wet hair  and apply clarifying shampoo in sections.
3. Rinse
4. Use moisturizing shampoo.
5. Use moisturizing conditioner with garlic.
6. Deep condition hair for 45 mins with no heat and a plastic cap.
7. Put Roux Porosity Conditioner
8. Moisturize and seal
9. Air-dry.

Tomorrow I will post pics of the products I used tonight

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