Sunday, January 8, 2012

Henna Time!

Happy 2012 Ladies!

Yea a little late but its my first post of the year. :D

If I were my hair I would be super mad with me. I have thoroughly abused my strands with heat. I know that my last post had something to do with me treating my hair better because of my flat iron frequency, but I fell back from that yesterday. Its just that there are so many events at holiday time!

So I had some henna that I bought from eBay a while ago and figured I would redeem myself.

I found a few videos on YouTube about how to mix the henna. They had the basics but some used different 'extras' like lime juice, apple cider vinegar or conditioner. So I just took the things I had in stock to make my own.

For my mix I used:

  • henna (1 pack)
  • water
  • conditioner
  • lime juice
  • a tad bit of grapeseed and olive oil
after mixing to a yogurt-y texture, I put the bowl on a plastic bag and left it for 24hrs (and then some). Apparently that is to release the dye.

I'm not doing this henna treatment for color, but I just wanted to do what experts said was right. 

Here's a very helpful video from MopTopMaven on YouTube about benefits, mixing instructions and application.

I'll be back with the application and the results!

thanks for reading!


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