Saturday, January 14, 2012

Henna Time: Results

I'm sorry for the delay but I didn't feel much better after having the flu for days, and I'm back at school with the beginning of a hefty workload.

This is just  a quick post to give my final thoughts on the henna.
I followed my deep-con with the application of my Aphogee Green Tea leave-in and a roller set. Maybe it didn't help that my roller-set was air-dried, but I just wasn't feeling any better. In the morning I took the rollers out and pinned the curl in the shape it formed from the roller.

I don't think I noticed a lot of changes in my hair directly after the henna.

The next day I combed out my curls and did a half-assed bun for my flight. After one of the worst flights ever and a painful ear popping session, I was finally in New York.

When I tried to comb through my hair that night to prepare for my journey back to school, I noticed subtle hints of reddish/brown and my roots that seemed to declare a rebellion.

Though I didn't see a difference after the henna on my strands, my roots feel like champions lol.

Since getting back to school I've been baggying/green house-ing my hair, not for any "henna hardening" reasons but just because in my mind that helps my hair grow and keeps my ends well moisturized.

I'm not sure how I'm going to stretch my relaxer really long this time, but I'm gonna try!

Thanks for reading!!


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Yolanda Grunewald said...

your hair looks great!! xx