Sunday, January 29, 2012

Relaxer Pt 3: Results

Huge delay in my results post but today was just a lazy day. You know the "ugh! School in the morning"feeling? That was me all day.

So when I  took out my rollers,  a choir did the best harmonizing rendition of the "haaaaaaaa" awe my head lol. I was genuinely pleased with my hair :D

see the black? 

reminded me of the Jeni curl lol

Thanks for reading!



Shika said...

Oooooh! It came out awesome!!!! And lol @ "Jeni curl"! Her un-combed-out curls always look so big and bouncy (like yours did!) Very nice!

Simply Into My HAIR said...

Your curls look beautiful!!!

I'm really interested in that natural colour you use to make your hair black. Does it interact adversely with henna and relaxers...? Does it wash out gradually over time?


jenijen said...

Lmao @ "jeni curl." I am forever taking pics of my roller sets huh.

Your hair looks great!!! Very healthy and smooth (I'm a lush for smooth hair lol)

a1m1r1 said...

lol but we love the pics tho haha

Thanks :D

aly said...

@shika thanks! yes her hair is gorgeous!

@SIMH Thank you! :) I will do a post on the dye. but to answer your questions, no it isn't a substance that will react badly with your hair even if you use henna, because the noni, like henna, is a plant and its good for your body, in general. I think its ok with relaxers because its organic and chemical dyes (like dark and lovely black dyes) are made for same day relaxing and coloring and those aren't harmful. So i think plants would be less of an issue in comparison to the manmade chemicals of dark and lovely black dye.

Yolanda Grunewald said...

your hair looks beautiful :) xx

Blutiful Blaq said...

Your hair looks beautiful and the color is amazing!!

aly said...

@yolanda & @blutiful blaq--> Thank you :D and thanks for stopping by