Saturday, January 28, 2012

Relaxer pt 1

After ten weeks of stretching my relaxer, I've decided to go ahead and relax. It is relatively early in comparison to how long I usually stretch. Lets just say I'm a little fed up of dealing with my new growth and I think its breaking.

I know almost every time I post, I have some sort of imaginary hair problem. I always think its breaking too much, shedding too much or too rough. I guess I'm just overly concerned, but I just think its breaking again, especially since I have so much new growth.

Well this time I'll be using the ORS Olive Oil Relaxer. Inside the box, there is the activator, the relaxer base (no-lye), Creamy Aloe shampoo, the Replenishing Pak, the Wrap/Set Mousse and the Oil Moisturizing Hair lotion.

I will do another post later. :-)

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