Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hair talk and bad buy

Hi, so after moisturizing and sealing then detangling my hair, only about 5 strands came out on the comb, which was good :) One particular strand which was on my shoulder and I examined really didn't look like my hair (it was), it was really strong, the diameter seemed to have increased, which is awesome.

At first I was thinking that these biotin pills and multi-vitamins or my moisturizing and sealing weren't working but it is!!! yaaayy!!!

Also, today I went to the store and guess what I saw after days of searching...Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship...ugh..I've been looking all over for this and after I ordered it online for $3.99+ $5 shipping fee, I'm highly upset.
It was just $3.43 at the store, I could have saved some dollars man, I'm a college student with no job!

ah well I guess its just my loss, on the bright side I'm gonna have this awesome product I've been hearing so much about.

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