Sunday, March 20, 2011

it's almost time :)

I'm gonna relax my hair this Friday...I would have stretched it longer but my birthday is Saturday sooooo :) I want it to be super cute..

I've been reading a lot to find out the best ways to relax my hair and what to do post relaxer.

So since I did my protein treatment last week I definitely will do another protein treat after I rinse the relaxer out. Then I'll neutralize and rinse then neutralize again for ten minutes, then do a deep condition and then moisturize and roller set. I wont be using any heat so hopefully the hair comes out of the roller set nicely even though its air-dryed.

In other news....

Usually the sides of my hair grows faster than the back and the middle and I have noticed that the sides of my hair are growing back nicely :).  plus my hair isn't relaxed yet.

This is awesome..yaay!! =]

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