Monday, March 28, 2011

Hair Talk

This weekend was my birthday (yaay!!) so that meant that I wasn't paying attention to my hair :(.

 I am always the one to say no to alcohol when my friends suggest it, but I couldn't this time lol. I mean c'mon it was my 21st birthday.

Anyway, so I neglected my supplements and I did not drink enough water (#fail) and i know alcohol isn't exactly the best thing for my strands.

While I was partying I know I felt some of my hair popping out when I got birthday hugs and stuff. I don't wanna sound to paranoid but I couldn't help it...I want this long hair.

all in all I say no more drinking for now, I co-washed my hair yesterday, did the greenhouse thing last night and I took my vitamins today...yep I'm getting back on track. :)

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