Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Protein Treatment Follow Up and a Little Update

Hello fellow hair lovers!

I know I said I would do a blogpost over the weekend about my raw egg protein treatment but my days have been soooo busy.

I have been preparing for days for an opportunity to go to NBC10 in Philadelphia to network and hopefully make strong connections to gain an internship *pray for me guys*. Also, the papers and assignments just seem to be continuous this semester. I can't complain though, many people would love to be in my place.

Anyway, back to the hair.

Since I was in New York without most of my products, I had to settle with the Olive oil and conditioner that was available. Daddy had eggs in the house, so I used one egg, enough conditioner to make the mixture pasty and a good amount of olive oil.

I stirred that well, then sectioned my hair into about six parts and applied my mixture.

I had read somewhere that I shouldn't wash my hair with water that's too warm, because the egg will solidify.

I really didn't think it would "cook" while left overnight in my hair. It Did! lol

I rinsed it out, and did a diluted shampoo wash (daddy's L'Oreal shampoo), a co-wash and there tiny egg-white particles in my hair.

It wasn't difficult to comb it out though.

As I've said many times, my hair loves protein, so of course my hair felt great after. My hair isn't breaking so much anymore (it started breaking recently) and it isn't one bit hard/crunchy.

On another note, I've also heard that glycerine shouldn't be used when its cold out, so I stopped using products with glycerine ingredients and my hair has been dry. Today I decided to give it a go and my hair is now smooth feeling, not crunchy at all.

I'll have to research that topic some more though.

If you have a comment please leave it, and Thanks for reading!


fayeoliver said...

I awarded you an award on my blog :'] Thanks so much for the comments on my blog I really appreciate them! <3

jenijen said...

I couldn't help but chuckle at the "cooked" part... I just imagined you waking up to find scrambled eggs in your hair. lol!

Re: the glycerin. Since it's a humectant that draws moisture from the air into your hair, during the colder months when there is less moisture in the air, glycerin can dry out hair because it's pulling moisture out of the hair... but no two heads are alike! If it works for you, keep with it.

Hope you get the internship!

a1m1r1 said...

aww you're welcome and thanks so much for the award! :)  

a1m1r1 said...

Lol yes  @ scrambled eggs!! hahaha 
I really have to look into the glycerine thing though because my hair felt mushy after 2 days of the product...so I'm still lost. 

also thanks for the well wishes! :D

Sailorscout1986 said...

lol, so sleeping with a conditioning treatment overnight is the same as going under a steamer of heat cap for an hour or so...interesting.

Aly said...

Yep I think so, thats what I had been doing for the past year before I got my dryer.