Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mid Week Wash

I have no idea why I used shampoo today...

I usually Co-wash and then air-dry. So now that I used shampoo, I conditioned after and I'm now onto my deep-conditioner step. I could have saved myself the trouble, but oh well! *throws hands up in the air*

I used a mixture of:

olive oil
grapeseed oil
coconut oil
Sweet almond oil
ORS Replenishing Conditioner
Roux Porosity

and I'm going to sleep with it overnight.

I'm not sure If it was a waste to use all those oils in my deep-con mix, but I did it anyway. I mean It can only do good for my hair, right?

So this was just a little check in for what I did with my hair today.    :)

Thanks for reading!

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