Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Hey again! 

Yes I'm doing more than one post in a few hours. I know I'm shocked at myself too lol...but it's my first blog award *throws confetti*  I had recently done the seven things post, so I was wondering, "what other stuff could I say about me?" However, being that I am an AWESOME person (LOL) I can definitely find seven more!

Kreativ Blogger Award

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I was awarded by Faye Oliver who reminds me of me, just last march, about 6 or so months ago. 
thanks for the award!

Name your favourite song: I don't have one, my music taste is just way too broad to narrow it down. I like Lykke LI though!

Name your favourite dessert: any chocolate dessert!

What pisses you offpeople who say they'll one thing and do another, and selfish people.

When you're upset, you: stay silent and walk away, because if I stay at the scene something takes over me and I get out at people really bad.

Your favourite pet: none..jojo, my dog, ran away. :/

Black or white: Black 

Your biggest fear: Mediocrity/not living up to the standards I set for me, and not being apart of God's chosen ones.

Best feature: I suppose my smile, which includes my gorgeous lips lol (people think they're thin but I love them)

Everyday attitude: "Alyson, you are an Awesome person and you can accomplish what you want!"

What is perfectionJesus.

Guilty pleasurechocolate and fashion. 

7 random facts about myself
I have a hidden fashionista inside me, I never dress how I would love to and I follow more fashion blogs than hair blogs

-I can't speak the deep, hard to understand patios that rural  Jamaicans speak

-I have 35 beauty marks

-I am a cereal junkie

-I am in a 3 year (going 4yr) relationship (we plan to get married soon) hehe ;)

-I hate being treated like a child

-I watch TBN every morning, it starts my day off well. 

I don't have anybody to tag now since everybody I assume will pay attention to my tag has been tagged already.

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