Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stretching my Relaxer

Hey Ladies!

I went googling to find tips on how to safely stretch my relaxer.

 If you've been reading/following my blog, you would know that this isn't my first relaxer stretch, but I am preparing for the longest relaxer stretch ever. 

As I said in my last post, I don't plan on relaxing until the end of the year. Hopefully by then I'll be back in Jamaica for Christmas break! :D *fingers crossed*

It is now week 11 of my stretch and I am experiencing some breakage, but not the long strand breakage. That usually indicates breakage from the demarcation line which is where your relaxed hair and new growth meet. My breakage is the tiny pieces from the ends. To be honest, they frustrate me so much! I hate seeing the breakage and I don't know what to do to stop it.

Here are the tips I've gathered from various sources on the net.

  1. Love your new growth
  2. practice air drying instead of using heat
  3. moisture is absolutely necessary (especially for new growth)
  4. do a protein treatment when you think your hair needs it, for some its every six weeks, for others (like me) its every other week.
  5. deep condition your hair
  6. Use conditioners instead of shampoo or dilute your shampoo if you must use it
  7. detangle your hair to prevent the "coily" new growth from causing major knots
  8. use low manipulation and protective styles
I have been doing all of this even before my one week hiatus when I wasn't paying attention to my hair. I find it unlikely that my hair would be breaking that bad because of one week of neglect. I really wanted to go at least 6 weeks more but I'm not so sure anymore.   

I could probably go till the beginning of December. I don't know

Whatever I decide though, I will be sure to let you guys know.

Thanks for reading!


Trisha Reid said...

another tip moisturize and seal daily in sections, more than 4 sections i usually do 10. Braid each section, in the morning style and you'll be good for the day.

a1m1r1 said...

thank you 

Pradel Coralie said...

Thanks for the advice !
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