Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hair Ramblings

Hey Ladies!

This week was super stressful for me (what's new? lol). I write for my school paper and a story I just happened to come across blew up into something really big. That meant bigger story= less "me time".

Anyway, it usually takes me about 20 minutes to completely moisturize and seal my hair at night, which I still do. However, this stretch is making that turn into about an hour or more every time. I honestly don't have that much time to spare, so this is making me want to end this stretch even more.

Maybe I'm only seeking a reason to get my relaxer lol, but truth is I just want to get it done.

I still have about 2 weeks of school left, so the plan is to relax it the first week in December so I can have it straight for when I go home to Jamaica! (yaay its confirmed I bought my plane ticket!!!!)

I was also thinking that a few weeks after my relaxer, I should go to the Dominicans on the weekend of my flight to get a blow out, that way I can look extra fly when I see my boyfriend. :D
I've also been thinking about getting a black rinse. I'm so tired of brown hair, but I'm wary of the effects it may have on my hair. I don't want to affect my hair just to change a color. I just think black hair looks fuller and shinier.

I will have to be really particular about my hair when I go to the Dominicans. They sometimes rake the comb through the hair from root to ends, without detangling with a wide tooth comb.

Thanks for reading my ramble!


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Deb said...

I've heard that a black tea rinse can darken your hair somewhat and they're good for your scalp. Maybe you could try that?