Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hair Ramble + "Do you notice this too?"


Lately I haven't been in the best mood, I suppose It's from being on this small campus for so long around the same people. My circle is super small. So usually how I feel is reflected in other things that I do, which unfortunately spills over into how involved with my hair I've been.

When I moisturize my hair at night, I haven't been going through it to ensure my strands get some attention. I just put one glob of moisturizer all at once and then the same with oils. Lets not even discuss the state of my roots.

I didn't wash my hair once this week, which is bad because my hair loves the regular wash thing.

So because of this neglect I've notice breakage. This is just what I DON'T need! I really would be disappointed if I didn't make it to APL by the end of the year.

I was thinking about stretching my relaxer for another few weeks. I'm already 10 weeks post and I usually relax my hair about this time (10-12 weeks). This breakage is making me think twice about it.

So my game plan is to treat my hair well for the next two weeks and then based upon its breakage rate, I'll decide if I'll stretch any further. The truth is that I don't want to relax my hair till the end of the year. That way I can do a proper length check.

So the "Aly Hair Attention for Retention" boot camp starts tonight! LOL!

I'll do a deep condition on dry hair, shampoo and condition. I will probably do a braid out or roller set, I'm not sure.

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SN: I always wonder how come some women with relaxed hair treat their hair so badly, but yet their hair won't break. But if I go for a short time without doing the "right stuff" my hair goes crazy!

I just don't get it! Have any of you ladies ever thought about that?? Or is it just me?

As always thanks for reading!



Yoshika Christian said...

"Aly's Hair Attention for Retention" lol I love it!!

And I think some people's hair is more prone to breakage than others. For example, I never really have mass breakage unless I am REALLY off my game (not washing, not combing, not moisturizing, etc) but I do have issue with weathered ends (so they're split and puffy sometimes)... I think different heads of hair just have different issues.

a1m1r1 said...

Lol catchy isnt it! haha

I really think my hair is prone to breakage :(  but i guess it is that people have different issues...  but its not fair!