Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Betonite Clay for Hair


So I did my daily routine of checking blogger.com for new posts from the people I follow (yes I'm on this everyday even though I don't post) and I saw a post about Betonite clay for hair on http://www.afrodeity.co.uk/. Then I thought, "Hey I have some of this!"

My friend had this and never used it and she knows I'm into anything health related stuff so she gave me a whole brand new container of it.

I have actually only used this for my face and afrodeity had mentioned that it worked great for her hair but not her skin.

As previously stated I used it for a facial and I loved it. I usually get breakouts around my period (sorry for the TMI), and I didn't get one pimple. It could possibly be with my new combination of using a salicylic cleanser and witch hazel for toner.


I wasn't so sure about using it for my hair though because it seems like it would be a sticky mess, until I read this:

"Bentonite clay is a natural substance which is derived from volcanic ash and made up of its weathered deposits. This clay is rich in natural antioxidants and has been utilised by native people from all over the world because of its internal detoxifying properties and healing agents. Bentonite clay contains over 70 forms of natural trace minerals including beneficial elements such as Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Silica, Potassium, and Sodium. By combining water with Bentonite it quickly expands in a similar way as a highly absorbent sponge.
Clay features a negative electrical charge and therefore attracts particles which contain positive charges, which is often the case with the majority of poisonous substances and chemicals. As a result any toxic particles present will be automatically attracted to this clay and therefore will be bound permanently. Once the clay is removed from the body all toxic poisons will be removed along with it.
Bentonite clay is 100% natural and is therefore suitable for all skin types including combination, oily, and sensitive skin. This odourless clay has a fine and velvety consistency and is a light creamy greyish colour which does not stain. And for these very reasons Bentonite is commonly used innatural shampoo and hair conditioning treatments.
Because of its magnet like properties it helps to remove impurities and build up of dirt present on the scalp and on the hair. It has the ability to do this while still maintaining the moisture in the hair giving it extra shine and feeling silky smooth, you will be left with healthy clean hair that’s easier to manage. Try out these hair treatment recipes to judge the results for yourself, feel free to play around by adding or replacing certain items with your favourite natural ingredients."

I think that's reason enough to try it, don't you?

I think I'll try it for my next wash day instead of shampoo.

the revitaliseyourhealth.com website has different methods for using the clay. Feel free to check them out.

Thanks for reading! 

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