Monday, May 23, 2011

The good part of the Journey and a little ancient wisdom

So today, while doing my regular routine of moisturizing and sealing, I began to think about the immense changes that have been taking place with my hair.

  • My hair is now thicker :)
  • It's a little longer (Yep...but I'm not where I wanna be just yet)
  • my hair isn't so fragile anymore (when I just started my journey I was afraid to touch my hair because it would just break off as soon as my fingers came in contact with it)                                   
New growth is now an exciting thing and no longer a bother. I don't get scared or lackadaisical with my hair, I have now taken the whole process into my own hands...

And I must say I wish I had started this earlier, I wish I had known all the things about hair care and retention a long time ago. I am very happy that I know now!

                                                             Ancient Wisdom:                                                                          

I was reading about how indian women took care of their hair back in the day and I found info from a lady, who when this was written, was 57 years old. She said this is how she massaged her scalp:

"The real secret is not in what you use but how you use it.
Begin by pouring the oil of your choice on your head. And I mean pour! My mother describes how her aunt would fill the palm of her hand with as much oil as it could hold and then pour the oil on the top of the head of the person she was oiling.
A dab of oil acts like a dust trap and probably does more harm than good. The oil has to soak into the scalp. Only then does it reach the follicles!
You must then distribute the oil by using the tips of your fingers to massage your scalp. Use small circular, clockwise movements from the forehead to the nape and then from ear to ear. Try to move the scalp rather than the hair itself. Finally, pick up small strands of hair and give them gentle tugs!"

Thanks for reading!


jenijen said...

Well now I don't feel as bad about being so heavy handed with my oils lol! Pre-pooing with oil is always messy for me... never fails to drip down my neck.

a1m1r1 said...

yes!! me too lol

Sta795 said...