Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I've become a recipe maker!


Now I may not be a pro at this hair stuff yet but I think I have become a little versed in what products should go in my hair.

I am now totally out of my main staple products. My ORS hair lotion, my HE long term relationship and my carrot oil are finished. :( I do not have any deep conditioner that doesn't have protein either. Obviously the hair store needs to see me.

So last night I decided to make my own deep conditioner out of what I had left. Before you think "eww  that sounds nasty", consider all the benefits in my concoction.

Here are my ingredients:

extra virgin olive oil
coconut oil
the last of my carrot oil
avocado oil
aloe vera juice
moisture max hair mayonnaise
VO5 moisturizing conditioner

I slept with the mixture on my hair with a plastic cap, then I did a co-wash in the morning and added the last of my leave-ins.

My hair feels so strong, it's awesome! I have combed my hair out after I air dried and maybe 3 strands of hair came out.
That's really good in my eyes!

Thanks for reading.

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