Friday, May 20, 2011

What u mean "what will people say"? Just do u!!

Hi guys!

This post has nothing really to do with hair but can still apply to your hair journey. I was really inspired to do this blogpost after having a little email "chatting session" with  my friend, Aqila, who I used to go to High school with. She seems to exude confidence and wears/does whatever she thinks is right for her, she has also started an accessories line. Check it out and like it on Facebook-->Elephant: Vintage & Soul

Anyway, we were just talking about eyebrow piercing stuff which lead to how people were reacting to our piercings. She said:

"its my life, and my eyebrow, so people can kiss my ass, and ma people cool with it too so who cares.... people were EXTREMELY shocked when I did it, and had lots to say and exclaim about. they really just need to mind their own business." 

Well I hope she won't be mad I put a piece of her message out there, but what she said really stuck with me. why do we care what anybody has to say about what do with ourselves.

my piercing

This is how it applies to our hair :)

Why let other people's judgement/opinions affect us so much that we decide not to start a hair journey or if we start it we let others dictate what we should be doing. 

We do this when we allow others to tell us when to get a relaxer or to go natural or whatever it is we get told. If u read my last post you would know that I'm being pressured to get my relaxer done. People can say whatever they want about my hair looking all nappy or in Jamaican terms, like kiyah.  Pshhh I just brush that off my shoulder now.

Generally speaking now, I have completely decided to not care what anybody will say when selecting things for myself. Whether those things are for my hair care/style, or if they are for my sense of fashion or anything. As long as it pertains to me I will do what I want to do...

I mean, come on, I'm 21 for cryin' out loud lol. 

If I wanna wear a scarf, a tam, a maxi dress, an afro or even a weave lol, its my business and I'll do what I please. :)

With that said....

Make sure to do what you think is best for you, advice can be given and heard but never let it drown out the sound of your own opinion.

Thanks for reading! :)  remember to check out Aqila's page!

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