Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: BSY Noni Black Hair Magic

Hey Ladies! Today is my blogger-versary!!! I didn't even realize it till I was at the end of writing this post. So I thought I would put it at the beginning. So its been a year since I first started my hair journey.  

Now for the review

 This can be found on Amazon for about $9 

These are the claims the producers have made:

Noni Black Hair Magic is formulated with herbal essense such as
  • Noni
  • Lingzhi mushroom
  • Polygonum multiflorum
  • Wild Ginseng
It has 6 advantages over normal grey hair treatment
  1. No harmful chemicals
  2. Easy application
  3. Long lasting color
  4. Saves time
  5. Affordable Price
  6. DIY- Anytime, anywhere, fast results
Other than blackening your grey hair, BSY Noni Black Hair Magic treatment has 6 other functions
  1. Prevents Hair Loss. Double up as hair conditioner
  2. Encourages healthy hair growth
  3. Provides essential nutrients to hair roots
  4. Eliminates dandruff
  5. Treats scalp problems
  6. Alleviates migraine headaches
  7. SY Noni Enzyme has 4 miracle functions
    1. Powerful immune booster
    2. Repairing damaged cell
    3. Identifies abnormal cells. Medically proven in retarding proliferation of abnormal cells
    4. Eliminates toxins, restoring body’s ability to maintain itself in an alkaline state
My thoughts

Some weeks ago I used the BSY Noni Black Hair Magic dye the same day I did my relaxer. I am now four weeks post and my hair is still very black. I really love this product. Its really easy to use, you just work it in your hair just as how you would use a regular conditioner.

I had some reservations when I first saw the packet because it was all in some other chinese-y looking language that I didn't understand. Only the directions and the name were in English. Someone was also saying to me that I shouldn't trust it especially since I had just done the relaxer. After a little on the spot research, I was convinced that it was ok to use it. 

I thought the packet was small, but I really didn't need anymore. One packet was enough for my hair. Maybe if your hair is waist length you may need two, but my hair is  APL in "length check" stance and one was good enough.

It has a plant-like smell that you will experience for a week or so, but it isn't really bothersome. 

I thought that I wouldn't last long in my hair because sometimes I prefer to sleep with my deep conditioner in my hair overnight, instead of sitting under the dryer. When I did keep the conditioner on my hair, there was some color drain in the plastic cap. It didn't completely affect the color, however.

Overall I love this dye and will definitely be using it again. I mean, its dye thats good for your hair, what's better than that?

I hope this helps and Thanks for reading,



Blutiful Blaq said...

Happy 1 year!!

Shawn said...

Thank you for posting this products and its results. I have a few grey hairs that I normally would cover with Bigen hair dye, but lately I can not use it. I've become terribly allergic to Bigen, so I will definitely check out Noni on Amazon. 

Aly said...

you're welcome, my mom used to use bigen and it broke the hairs off badly so I've never liked bigen. I hope BSY works for you

aly said...

Thank you!

Rrgrice (Blessed Tresses) said...

Another blogger recommended Noni to me and told me they had read about it on another blog. I am thinking it was yours and I am so glad I found your blog.  Your review was very helpful and informative~I am considering trying this product to cover some greys without having to use something that is not good for my hair.  Thanks again for the review...I will definitely be following you.

Rrgrice (Blessed Tresses) said...

It was Longing 4 Length that recommended Noni :-)

Aly said...

aww thanks for following me and I hope you get good results like I did :)

EbonyCPrincess said...

Yep! This the blog I got it from!  So glad you found your way here :-) Aly, great review...keep us posted!

Aly said...

Thanks ECP! :) 


To order BSY NONI BLACK HAIR MAGIC Shampoo in India, Contact Email:  Website: 

Lynn said...

Hi, I am just reading you post.  It is now October.  Are you still using this product?  Have you noticed any hair problems from it?  I am experiencing permanent hair loss and I think it is from traumatic alopeica - using black hair dye for 15 years incorrectly and I don't want to go white yet, but baldness is headed my way if I don't stop using regular dye.  I am white so don't know if it will affect my hair any differently.  thx

Aly said...

Hi Lynn, Sorry about the late response. I actually still like this product, I haven't had any hair issues because of it. I think the black hair dye can cause hair issues because I've seen it happen to someone I know. They stopped using the black dyes and the hair has grown back. I absolutely recommend this natural dye. Hope that helped :)

SC said...


Thanks so much for sharing comments on this product. Would you be so kind as to expound on your experience with the product, i.e., what benefits did you notice (softer hair, reduced dandruff, easily detangled, etc.), any negatives (dry hair, weird texture, less shine, etc.). Also, how long did the color last on your hair?  Thank you in advance.

Aly said...

Hello SC,  I still love this dye even though its been a little while since i used it. My hair felt really good with it, and I'm going to be repurchasing some very soon. I've never really had dandruff so I can't really say much on that, but my hair was shiny and soft when I used it. I don't have one negative thing to attribute to this product except maybe the earthy smell (which i didn't mind). the application process is super easy, the results are as black as how a dark and lovely dye would come out, without the harshness. i recently dyed my hair with a regular store bought rinse/temporary color and i completely prefer the noni dye. 

lj said...

I love this product today I used two sachets, it really gives that natural pitch black color and makes my hair so soft and pretty.
At first I was only using it for color but now I noticed how soft and Shiney it makes my hair
So ill definitely continue to use ^_^

Neel said...

Hi Aly.. Which website sells the authentic products?