Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I think I need some hair help. I'm not sure if its mind over matter or if its really happening, but I think my hair is excessively breaking and shedding. I have experienced one or the other but never both at once.

I have tried to fix the problem but I just can't find the correct balance. I've tried baggying, protein treatments, deep conditioning, and clarifying (just once). Its just not working.

I even did a strand test and the area on the strand that I tested didn't fail the test, but the end of the strand broke off really quickly.

I also found a few splits. So I did some dusting to get rid of them, but I'm afraid they'll come back.

I have changed some of the products I've been using because I've been testing out new products to do reviews. Maybe that is the issue, I should probably go back to my original staples. That just takes money and that's not something I have much of at the moment. I can't even identify the problem product.

Well its almost my birthday, so maybe I can squeeze some birthday money out of my people lol.

I'll let you guys know how it goes.

Thanks for reading

Aly :)


Yolanda Grunewald said...

Thanks for the belated congratulation hun!! And I had the same issue for so long.. don't know how to solve it though... sesame oil is meant to help for hair loss.. I have been using that and now that im writing I realize that I think that actually help.. but it took a while :) 

Aly said...

You're welcome! And thanks for the suggestion, I've never used that oil before.