Monday, December 19, 2011

Just a short sweet Honey post

Yea corny headline lol. 

Hey guys!

I have been using honey for about 3 weeks now as a pre-treatment type thing when I did my co-washes/shampoo wash. Lets just say I'm not exactly sold on it.

I'm not sure how my hair feels, it's not dry or moisturized like I expected, it's just blah!

I think maybe its because I used store honey and not RAW honey, apparently thats what I'm supposed to be using.

I do use it on my face, however and I like it for that purpose.

It does leave my face feeling soft and it clears up my "bacteria based" pimples. :)

Do you like honey? Do you use a special kind? What do you use it for?


StephF said...


I've been adding honey and coconut oil to my deep con for the past 3 weeks. The results are AHHHHMAZING. I dunno if it's the honey or the coconut oil -- my money's on the coconut oil....But it leaves me with super soft, smooth, shiny, totally touchable tresses. Definitely a keeper.

For my deep con, I mix Africa's Best Hair Mayo (light protein) with some Queen Helene Cholesterol (moisture), about 2 teaspoons of honey and about a tablespoon of coconut oil. I put on a plastic cap and sat under the dryer for 15 mins.

Loves it! I mean, I could feel the result when I was rinsing! 

I think the coconut oil is really doing the trick, because I've done a coconut oil pre-poo and got the same results. However, I have added honey alone to my deep con and also ended up with better results than the deep conditioner alone. 

My suggestion is to add honey to your deep con -- not as a pre-poo. And if you have coconut oil, add some of that goodness too! Try it and let us know the results.

If you're in Jamaica, you can get virgin coconut oil at the Coconut Industry Board on Waterloo Road, or from Beautiful Earth I'm not sure if the one sold in the supermarket for cooking is as unprocessed or if the results will be the same with it.


a1m1r1 said...

i need try that mix, i tried honey, sweet almond oil  and grapeseed oil as a deep con on dry hair...didn't like it either. I want to try the one u suggested on freshly washed hair to see how I like it.

And thanks for the hookup with the place to get the oil, I need to go there before I leave again.

Yolanda Grunewald said...

Thanks hun!! I've never used it in my hair.. I dont think I'd like something as sticky as that in my hair lol..  I used it in one of the lipbalms I made but I've never used it in anything else.. xx

Yolanda Grunewald said...

// (dont know if you get to my blog if you click my name, dont understand disqus)

a1m1r1 said...

lol thats what I thought about honey at first, but I guess i like trying stuff in hair. Oh and yes the link works in disqus