Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Its my last week in Jamaica, so I've been trying to live it up, so to speak. I went to my friend's pool shindig on Sunday and I had a good time but I doubt my hair did.

I went into the pool without wetting my hair or putting conditioner on it, as I heard should be done. So I'm assuming my hair soaked up a good amount of chlorinated water. It was somewhat saved by the overnight baggying (with water and Hot Six Oil) I did the night before *fingers crossed*. 

I don't know if this is as bad as I believe it to be but after my first dip in the pool, my hair dried out while we played games and stuff on the deck (it felt really crunchy), then I went back in the pool -_- to soak up more chlorine. 

Oh but I wasn't done yet, I didn't get the chlorine out of my hair till hours later. I used VO5 Clarifying Conditioner and then followed with VO5 Moisture Milks, which was left to sit on my head for about 5 mins. I was over a friend's house so I couldn't do my deep conditioning, and I just got home and I'm so not in the mood to deep condition now.

However, tomorrow is a new day and I will give my hair some much needed TLC so it can recover from my onslaught and from the drying effects I have experienced from the weather. 

On another note, a little personal here, but my boyfriend who reminds me everyday of how much he loves me decided to inform me that he has no belief that my hair could ever be as long as bra strap length!!
Needless to say I was quite appalled! Like WTF!! Oh but he wasn't finished, he went on to say that if my hair ever got that long he would buy me the SUV/car of my dreams. 
So lets just all take into consideration that he has little to no money, just like me because we're both finding our way through this whole "young adulthood" phase; this means him affording my dream car is nowhere near right now, unless he hits some sort of jackpot! 

I don't mean to make him sound bad because I know he loves me and I in no way will use this to judge the state of our relationship :) but honey where is the support! 

So this calls for a new goal, wouldn't you think?

I always wanted to just get to APL, and then maintain it, if while maintaining it I got to further lengths then more power to me, but now I really want to be BSL...

..not for the vehicle of course (I'm sure I'll be able to buy my own stuff because I'm a go-getter), but just to prove him WRONG! 

having the haters so close will never phase me because proving to strangers wouldn't make me so motivated like how proving to people close to me would.

You know what I mean, right??

Thank You for reading!


Trisha Alexander said...

haha i guess you're getting a car lol
I'm sure the oil acted as a barrier for the pool

alyson robinson said...

:D hahaha i guess so!