Saturday, August 20, 2011

Check-in & a snippet of my life

I've been away from the blogger world for a long time. So this is just a little check in post.

I go back to college tomorrow, so last few days has been just traveling and this whole bunch of scrambling around to get stuff together for school. So my hair was on the back burner for a bit.
I had been wondering if I should flat iron my hair, but then again I have been so committed to not using heat unless I had a touch up. Then I thought about getting my hair relaxed, but I'm not willing to have my hair overlapping (relaxing the already relaxed hair) just because I have a little new growth coming in.

What do I do for the first day back though??

Idk sooooo I guess I'll have to do a bun or something, though it may be boring. Accessories will just have to pick up the slack.

(Quick thought: Why didn't I buy Mane N' Tail's Detangler before?? I had little to no hair coming out after I used it *face palm*)

****Warning the following has nothing to do with hair, I hope you don't mind hearing about my life****

Bye Bye Jamaica
(pic I took of the mountain at the University of the West Indies, JA) 

I left Jamaica last Wednesday, that was hectic in itself because I hate flying! I do love getting to my destinations though. I must say that for once, I didn't have any problems with the airport staff, Jetblue staff or my luggage being too heavy or whatever. So thank God for that.

Good News 

I got asked by my boss at my internship if I wanted to continue writing for the online magazine and covering events while in the US. That was a good feeling to know that I was doing good enough that he would want me to continue writing :)

My dormroom

I had so many ideas for my dorm room and I think its coming all into place. I will put pictures of my room if it comes out fine. I never imagined I would be the "hot pink room theme" kinda girl. My fave color is purple, its a little girly but not so much if you know what I mean, pink is really girly to me but I hope I can make it look a little grown-up-ish.

When I get back tomorrow, I will be super busy, so hopefully I get to post some more this coming week, hair stuff that is.

Thanks for reading!


jenijen said...

Good luck this semester!!

And I envy you, that scene is BEAUTIFUL!

a1m1r1 said...

lol thank you! u should visit sometime :)