Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hair....I love you

Am I the only one who likes when hair is about 3 weeks post?

I do not like it freshly relaxed because I have no idea what to do with it, some products just weigh it down and others just don't moisturize it enough.

 After three weeks, then the jungle season begins lol, getting a comb through is crazy work.

The flip side however, is that just relaxed hair looks sleek and cute when worn out (buns be gone) and after three week hair is awesome because that means I'm on my way to new lengths!

Either way, I still love my hair! I treat it like its some sort of precious, rare material. I may seem like a hair snob if I don't allow the world to play in it, but I don't think the world understands my love for my hair.

I've been dreaming about hair past shoulder length for years, even as a child running around with a towel on my head, cascading down my back. (lol yea I did that too) So even though my hair isn't half as long as how the towel was, I still love it and my love will remain even when i get to "towel length"!

That's all I came to say today :D

ps. On a way different not, I think I should get those garlic pills because my hair is shedding!! I don't really forget to take pills but I do forget to use garlic in my conditioner (plus it makes me gag ughh!) So pills here I come!

Thanks 4 reading!!!

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