Wednesday, July 27, 2011



I did a braid-out on Sunday after I co-washed and did a protein treatment. I saw tutorials by BrittneyNGray and HondurasHoney on Youtube who used the same the same method for braid-outs and I loved their results. The only problem was that I don't have the satin covered pillow rollers that they used so my hair wasn't as curly as theirs when I did it.

So I co-washed with VO5 Moisture Milks Conditioner, then sprayed my WOW Leave-in Treatment and Conditioner with Rosemary Oil (Jamaican Brand) and used my Organics Hair mayonnaise mixed with Roux Porosity. 

Then I used hair pins to "roll" the braids since I didn't have the rollers I wanted.

This was how it came out when I took the braids out.

I'm not really pleased with it but it came out ok since I didn't have the rollers.

Here are the videos of the tutorials by both girls:



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