Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giving my hair some Lovin'

So I finally got serious with my hair after weeks of saying I'm gonna get back on the "hair growth and retention" road.

Last week I did an egg and olive oil overnight treatment. I put lime juice on my scalp to ease the dry and itchy scalp issues I've been having. I kept this on my hair for the night and half of the next day.

I didn't do a  moisturizing deep condition because I was lazy, so I thought my hair would be hard. It definitely wasn't, I know my hair loves protein so no real surprise there that I didn't need the moisture treatment.

So I just added my leave-in and left it to air dry.

I then clipped like a half inch off my hair, it took loads of courage to do this but my splits were crazy. They had to go.

So now I'm split end free and my hair is strong. yaay!!

This week I decided to go back to my crazy growth aids. I went back to the cayenne pepper & castor oil mix.

 I massaged that onto my scalp and then sprayed water on the hair itself and coated it with olive oil. I put a plastic cap and a winter beanie on my head and am now going to sleep. 

Thank God for Good Friday, its a well deserved rest and meditation day.

So, after resting, I'll co-wash and then deep condition my hair. I really want to do a flexi-rod set but I'm afraid it won't come out right.

Well we'll see how it goes.

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EbonyCPrincess said...

Glad your scalp is better.  And small trims are always better than having to do big cuts!!!

Aly said...

true, but its just so hard to say goodbye to the tiny bits of hairs. lol

Shereen said...

Tag your it!
I tagged you in my latest post, check it out :)